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Why Replace Roof

Why You Should Replace the Roof Before Selling

As mentioned in a previous blog, when buyers are paying a premium price for homes, they expect to receive a pristine property in return. What we’ve learned from studying Millennial buyers is that around half of them are looking for move-in ready homes that won’t require maintenance for about 10 years. In that case, they’re likely to pass up a home that needs a new roof. It’s understandable; no...

Why Your Home Isn't Selling

6 Reasons Why Your Home Isn’t Selling

I think it’s pretty common knowledge that the Pacific Northwest is a hot bed for prime real estate with home values doubling and tripling in recent years. Still, some homeowners are making mistakes that keep their home from selling quickly and at top dollar. As I mentioned last week, when buyers are paying top dollar for their home, they want to purchase a top-shelf property. So, as you prepare to...

How To Handle Inspection Issues

How To Handle Home Inspection Issues

Selling your home is a big decision financially and emotionally. Not only are you making a huge financial change, you’re letting go of memories, routine and friends. You’re also being asked by your realtor to see your home through the eyes of potential buyers, which frequently includes cosmetic updates and repairs. Repair Requests can be a little off-putting to most homeowners I know if they’re...

5 Features That Will Sell Your Home Faster

5 Features That Will Sell Your Home Faster

Thanks to the accessibility of information on the internet, today’s buyers are highly educated consumers. And that means they know exactly what they’re looking for in a home. Don’t think that because we’re in a seller’s market it means buyers aren’t choosey. In fact, because they are paying premium prices for homes, buyers are quite specific about the features they’ll pay for. I thought you...

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